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Sam & Max: Culture Shock

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На форуме Sam & Max Episode 1: Culture Shock появилась подборка т.н. «пасхальных яиц» в игре. В частности, предлагается проделать следующие телодвижения:

…cause a traffic accident in front of Sam & Max's building
…shoot at the «One Way»-sign in front of the office
…hear an a capella version of the Soda Poppers theme song
…get all six symptoms of Artificial Personality Disorder
…demonstrate all five possible inkblot obsessions to Sybil
…see the entire four-part documentary «Oh, Is He Still Alive»
…see an ad for Emetics: The Handbook for Multicolored Bliss
…wake up Specs first, then Whizzer
…wake up Whizzer first, then Specs
…knock out Peepers before rescuing Sybil
…try to buy the cheese from Bosco a second time
…try to buy the tear gas without money a second time
…buy the tear gas before Bosco had mentioned B-TADS
…ask Bosco for different items until Sam ran out of ideas
…show the symptoms form to Bosco
…complain about every mental problem to Peepers
…repeatedly try to arrest Peepers after rescuing Sybil
…hear all of the previous jobs that Sybil once had
…look at all the objects in Sybil's office during free association
…show Sybil all of your objects during free association
…spray paint odd things, including during free association
…use the antenna in various places
…use the ten grand on things or characters besides Bosco
…hear all of Max's general megaphone comments
…(including when you're chasing the Soda Popper)
…hear all of the different ways Max says «Pull over»
…hear all of the different ways Max says «Never mind»
…accuse a driver of every possible crime
…repeatedly look at irrelevant things while Max was missing
…talk to Max in every location at various stages of the game


Written by lexder

20 Декабрь, 2006 в 21:51

Опубликовано в Indie games

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